Mothermik GmbH
Industriestr. 3
56291 Pfalzfeld

Electrics Manufacture

The electrical compound elements between MHKW, power- and heat supply system and the customer are also an important figure within the scope of our technique besides the entire field of the MHKW-control units.

We also possess our own control unit production and beyond that the production for all necessary dispersions and specialised structural groups.

The department is also organised in the trade and possesses all necessary EVU-certifications parallel to the production.

Standardised control units, which are designed as far as possible the same way for nearly all MHKW-types, are being manufactured in small series. These control units can be adapted to the special demand of the customers’ respective installation.

Again, the same specialists who assembled the control unit will be installing it at the customers’ site.

Production- and spare parts are available at any time. We are able to help effectively because of our detailed documentations and knowledge of the design, especially in case of telephonical checkbacks.
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Electrics Manufacture
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