Mothermik GmbH
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Electronics Manufacture

The entire electronical control, adjustment and monitoring of the MHKW-installation is exclusively accomplished by components developed and manufactured in our company. For this, nearly all functional groups are being assembled on Euro circuit boards – plug-in modules, which are also being manufactured to the greatest extent by our company.

You will find in our company the specialists, who have developed, built and tested the respective electronic component, so much is certain.

Our products are manufactured as tailor-made units and if necessary they can be repaired in our workshop.

The basic idea for manufacturing electronic cards is their suitability for extreme utilisation in MHKW-systems and not least their simple and robust design, therefore, in emergencies, circuit boards can easily be changed. It goes without saying, that most of the components are also available in exchange.

By this independent machining method we are able to react quickly to new needs if required, practically to solve each problem and to guarantee our customers a secured supply of spare parts. Therefore we do not need any outside help if we have to eliminate a fault and we are able at a later date, to deliver fitting replacements (even years later).
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Electronics Manufacture