Mothermik GmbH
Industriestr. 3
56291 Pfalzfeld

Test Stands and Trials

Extensive bench tests, trials and measuring devices are of course a condition for a promising further development.

We have first-rate equipped test stands, on which we can practically carry out all trials and examinations. Even the really difficult and large-scale analysis of the waste gas emissions acc. to TA-Luft (technical instruction - air), will be carried out on our own test stands.

In co-operation with a number of considerable colleges and universities, own recent developments or even systems from outside are being constantly tested there, within the scope of study projects. At least one MHKW-system is permanently running there in order to be able to carry out long-term trials and thus to test innovations quickly. For a company of our extent terrific efforts are being made, which result in considerable results.

Also a number of own and outside patents are worth mentioning, which originate from there.
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Test Stands and Trials
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